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Drywall finishing is a drywall project that has been primed and painted. It is not a good idea to paint drywall without priming it first since drywall soaks up the paint and can lead to bubbling when doing this drywall finishing service repair. Drywall finishing is done when the drywall contractor finishes installing drywall in a house or other building. This includes hanging drywall, covering joints, screw heads, and hiding tape to finish the job. The drywall makes walls smooth and ready for painting. Drywall finishing professionals make sure there are no bubbles in the drywall coating. There are two basic types of drywall: standard weight (4LB) and lightweight (3LB). Lightweight drywall cost less but may not be as durable. Standard Drywall Finish Standard drywall finishing involves taping drywall joints with drywall tape, applying joint compound over the taped drywall seams, sanding smooth, priming dry wall before painting, and finally applying two coats of drywall paint. Lightweight Drywall Finish Lightweight drywall finishing involves taping drywall joints with drywall tape, brushing on one coat of drywall primer over all walls to be painted, letting the drywall primer dry for at least an hour or two before painting, then applying two coats of drywall paint. Unlike standard weight drywall finish, the lightweight method does not involve using a joint compound. Also, standard weight drywall texture (mud) is NOT used in this process. There are other methods like Cowboy finish that are done dry. Light drywall texture is recommended for drywall that will not be painted or are in high traffic areas. However, a drywall repair would be needed soon after drywall is installed. Why is a drywall finish important? Drywall finishing is important so drywall coats dry evenly. This ensures dry walls of drywall coat will dry at the same time and not provide a base for wooden drywall nails or drywall screws to warp under larger pieces of wood where you would not expect drywall to do so. If there are many places that drywall has been nailed, over time, it can cause major damage to your home. There are also instances where a person may think they have even coats of paint on their walls but, in fact, they do not. The key to a proper drying process is a smooth and sturdy surface for airflow from beneath the drywall panels as well as from the top side. In addition to applying two coats of drywall paint, drywall finishing includes applying drywall mud over drywall tape. If you intend to drywall yourself or install drywall yourself, then this drywall repair is important for you to know and understand. Without drywall mud and two coats of drywall paint, drywalls will look bad and not last as long as they should. Call us today for drywall finishing services! Our drywall finishing services are some of our best drywall repairs. We have been in drywall services for many years and know drywall like the back of our hands. Call us today or ask for a free estimate on drywall finishing services!

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